easy make money online: My ex hua lian schoolmates get married

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My ex hua lian schoolmates get married

Last week, 29.12.2007. It's not my day, but it is my ex hua lian schoolmates big day- they finally get married. Sue Yong and wei meng, both of them also my ex hua lian 4V2 classmate. They start their `love` relationship on 1998 and going for 9 years of `pak tou`. Finally get married on last Saturday.
They already engagement and I didn't release are there going to give engagement rings to each others or not. But on that day, wei meng give sue yong a rings but not diamond ring.
Nowadays, marry is not like your grandfather time, girls will request more thing such as diamond engagement rings, big house and big car....
So be a single isn't that good?