easy make money online: February 2008

Friday, February 29, 2008

Ah Long Pte Ltd 《老师嫁老大》-black comedy.....

Ah Long Pte Ltd 《老师嫁老大》- a Singapore and Malaysia black comedy will be release on 12 March 2008 at Malaysia cinema. I just watch the trailer, its funny and with full of black humor. Ah Long Pte Ltd is directed by Jack Neo (梁智强) and producer of this film is Double Vision from Malaysia, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures and Scorpio East Pictures from Singapore. Definitely, this movie will act by Malaysian actors and Singapore actors.
List of the actor:
1. FANN WONG 范文芳 (as Wang Li Hua 王立华)
2. MARK LEE 李国煌 (as JoJo Fang 方佐佐)
3. RICHARD LOW 刘谦益 (as Chen Jun 陈军)
4. KK 黄国强 (as Bing Tou 兵头)
5. DANIEL TAN 陈家风 (as Huang Di 皇帝)
6. JACK LIM 林德荣 (as Hong Qing Long 洪青龙)
7. LAI MING 黎明 (as Li Hua’s Mother 立华母)

From the actor list, Malaysia have 4 actor who play important role in the movie. Bravo. As for them, its a big step for them to get in international market and become a international celebrity. As from Jack Neo blog says that in Singapore Ah Long Pte Ltd already make SGD14,600,000 in four and a half days. So geng man. I am wonder Malaysia also can get such great result.

Movie synopsis:
Ah Long Pte Ltd 《老师嫁老大》 is a light-hearted black comedy about the triad world and the money-lending business. Instead of treating the subject of Ah Longs (money-lenders) seriously, the movie takes on a humorous and sarcastic treatment. It depicts how a young lady tries to restructure her money-lending triad into a professional and ‘loving' triad that stands against the use of violence after she takes over from her triad leader who has retired. Her various restructuring plans (which are no doubt very creative) bring about hilarious results.

For Malaysia people, let us enjoy below trailer and Mark Lee(李国煌) old song- 少年英雄.

Easy make money online by search engine....

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Below attached with my earning result from 29.02.2008 until 12.03.2008.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Warren Buffett stories that we should learn for...

Recently i just read about Warren Buffett stories (the second richest man). There was some tips or lesson that we should learn from him and i would like to share:

1. He bought his first share at age 11 and he now regrets that he started too late!
2. He bought a small farm at age 14 with savings from delivering newspapers.
3. He still lives in the same small 3-bedroom house in mid-town Omaha , that he bought after he got married 50 years ago. He says that he has everything he needs in that house. His house does not have a wall or a fence.
4. He drives his own car everywhere and does not have a driver or security people around him.
5. He never travels by private jet, although he owns the world's largest private jet company.
6. His company, Berkshire Hathaway, owns 63 companies. He writes only one letter each year to the CEOs of these companies, giving them goals for the year. He never holds meetings or calls them on a regular basis.
7. He has given his CEO's only two rules.
Rule number 1: do not lose any of your share holder's money.
Rule number 2: Do not forget rule number 1.
8. He does not socialize with the high society crowd. His past time after he gets home is to make himself some pop corn and watch Television.
9. Warren Buffet does not carry a cell phone, nor has a computer on his desk.

Beside, he also advise to young people that we should stay away from credit cards (bank loans) and invest in yourself. And please remember :
- Money doesn't create man but it is the man who created money.
- Live your life as simple as you are.
- Don't do what others say, just listen them, but do what you feel good.
- Don't go on brand name; just wear those things in which you feel comfortable.
- Don't waste your money on unnecessary things; just spend on them who really in need rather.
- After all it's your life then why give chance to others to rule our life."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Edison Chen (陈冠希) funny scandal video from Sina...(not Edison Chen scandal photo oh)

From Hollywood Grind found that someone has combine previous Edison Chen movie to make a brand new Edison Chen scandal video. There was Edison Chen (陈冠希), Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋), Gillian Chung (钟欣桐), Simon Yam (任达华), Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝)...plus....Stephen Chow (周星驰)...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Microsoft just launced new search engine...oops...google got competitor...

Microsoft just launched a new search engine - Big Snap Search. From Blogstorm, i found that Microsoft has a brand new search engine - Big Snap Search and you could win prizes while search internet or finding something with Big Snap Search.
As currently, Microsoft wish to get in search engine market as Google just with search engine can make a lot of money. Plus latest news is Yahoo is declined Microsoft deal.

Friday, February 22, 2008

NBA Top 10 Dunks

I believe most of Malaysian must have seen Kung Fu Dunk (功夫灌篮)- featuring by Jay Chou (周杰伦), Eric Tsang (曾志伟), Baron Chen (陈楚河), Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), and Bo-Lin Chen (陈柏霖). In the movie, Jay Chou use kung fu to play basketball and we can see a lot of slam dunk. The dunk is cool man. Recently, from youtube there was some video by NBA TV about 4 famous NBA basketball dunk player been selected top 10 dunks in their NBA career, plus one most bloopers in NBA All Star History.
They are:

Michael Jordan

Kobe Bryant

Lebron James

Vince Carter
and last but not least
Top 10 Bloopers in NBA All Star Game History (this is funny man)

A trip to Taman Pertanian Malaysia...located at Shah Alam,Selangor

Last sunday, i have been visited Taman Pertanian Malaysia (Malaysia Agriculture Park) which is located at Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor. After federal highway, batu tiga toll (coming from kl side), take a left turn and make a three o'clock turning to tesco side. Go straight to the end and after you able to see sign board show turning right to Taman Pertanian Malaysia.
Taman Pertanian Malaysia is open from 8.30am to 4.30pm (everyday). Entrance fee is RM3.00 for adult and RM1.00 for children and visitors above 55 years old.
Inside Taman Pertanian Malaysia, you are able to book a chalet or camp site for over night. They have Idyllic Village, Forest Lodge, 'A' Frame, and camp site. If you came along with family, there was a package 'Family Day Site' thats is suite for family. Beside, there was Four Season Temperate House and entrance fee is RM3.00(adult) and RM1.00(children). If you wish to bring video you have to pay RM10 for license and there was few license and fees such as shooting fees RM1,000.00, license fishing RM2.00, book a dinning hall RM50.00, swimming pool RM2.00/3 hour, and bicycle rental RM3 for 1st hour and subsequent hour RM1 per hour.
There was a lot of interesting place such as Dam Sungai Baru, Culture Village, Orchid Garden, Mushroom Garden, Hydroponic Garden, Animal Garden, Ostrich Farm, Coco Garden, Paddy Garden, Fruit Garden and Cactus Garden.
For reservation, please call 03-55106922/03-55107048

Taman Pertanian Malaysia entrance

Fees and charges

Bus is provided free to ride and its take 20 minute for a ride

Mushroom Garden with big mushroom...

Mushroom Museum

Spices and Beverages Garden

Orchid Garden

Animal Garden

Fruit Garden

Cactus Garden

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Astro Fest 2008 relax - indulge - enjoy

Last saturday, i have been invited by dandan to attend Astro Fest 2008. Where its held at Astro car park from 10am until 5pm. Astro Fest theme is relax, indulge and enjoy so their fest is decorate with fun fair style. Its with a lot of prizes to win, reflexology corner, kid funland, archery, shooting range, and many more station game. Beside, we just take what ever food and as many as we can on Astro Fest 2008. Its siok man.
Lets have a look on that days photo i have taken.

When you shoot on the point, the guy will fall down.

Astro Fest Kid Funland

Reflexology corner

Lydia Shum Tin Ha (沈殿霞) just died on 8.38am this morning...

Just now receive an email from my dandan say that Lydia Shum Tin Ha-Hong KOng famous artist just died on 8.38am - 19.02.2008 at Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong. She born on 21 July 1947 in Shanghai, China. From Wikipedia know that Lydia Shum is very famous in TVB and many Hong Kong people love and respect her very much.

"Lydia Shum had several chronic ailments : cholangitis, diabetes, and hypertension. In 2002, she was admitted to hospital and had 32 gallstones extracted. In September 2006, Shum was diagnosed with liver tumor and cancer around the gallbladder. Immediately, doctors removed one third of her liver." from wikepedia.

more news on Lydia Shum (chinese):

Friday, February 15, 2008

Electoral Roll Checking ( semakan daftar pemilik)

The 12th General Election Day for Malaysia has been officially announced held on 08 March 2008. As for a Malaysian who is above 21 years old is qualify for voting. Beside, you must have to register your name at Pejabat Pos or SPR counter before 3 month of Election Day. If you register just in between three month and below. You will need to wait for 13th General Election Day which will be after 5 years - 2013.
For those who is already been voted or register, you may check your Locality, Polling District, State Assemblies, Parliamentary, and your State at Electoral Roll Checking or Semakan Daftar Pemilik.
You able to check your place for vote, polling stream, time and serial number.
I just know that my place to vote is at SMK Sri Kota, Taiping.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Great news for new blogger...who wish to easy make money online

Recently, PayPerPost just announced that for any new blogger or who wish to easy make money online by writing paid post, they just need 30 days old blog and 10 existing post in their own blog.
Still remember last year, i need to wait my blog for 90 days old and write about 20 post in my blog for register in PayPerPost. Now , writing paid post is more easy way to make money online.
Come on and sign up PayPerPost. (if you haven join it)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fatt Choy at online casino...

Gong Xi Fatt Chai to everyone .Most of Malaysian Chinese will choose Chinese New Year to gamble with friends and relative. Some of them will drive to Genting-Malaysia Legal gamble city to gamble and wish to win some money as in mandarin we called it "fatt choi".
As this generation, people can choose to play gamble with just a laptop or desktop that have internet connection. Online casino is easy and simple to play gambling.
Be remember: dont play too much as you will be uncontrol

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A new way to wish Happy Chinese New Year...

As for Chinese, Chinese New Year is a new year in lunar calendar.
So wishes is a good to get close with each other and build up relations among people.
Many kinds of wishes such as:

send a Happy Chinese New Year or Gong Xi Fa Chai Short Message Service(sms)...

mail a Happy Chinese New Year card by post which was not so popular nowadays...and substitution by e-card wishes...

give a Chinese New Year hamper to friend or family...

using global social network website such as friendster, myspace, facebook to send out wishes...

And now i wish to wish all my readers Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Chai with below video...

Dong Dong Mao from Youtube

Monday, February 4, 2008

Stephen Chow(周星驰) in Malaysia-CJ7-长江七号-Meet The Fans

On around 7.50pm, Stephen Chow (周星驰) has arrived a main gate of Pavilion, KL. There was a huge crowd and many reporter are trying to get a nice photo and picture of Stephen. So make almost all of Malaysia supporter could not see Stephen Chow clearly. Stephen Chow is wearing a cap on the event (as least he he didnt wear Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses or else we cant see his faces also) . He come to "Meet The Fans" with a female actor - Kitty Zhang(张雨绮). A little disappointed as his "son" - Xu Jiao(徐娇) did not come Malaysia. Stephen Chow leave the event around 8.15pm.
Hereby i attach with latest photo and video on Stephen Chow (周星驰).

Stage at Pavilion,KL

Children are waiting for Stephen Chow-(周星驰) also?

Finally i able to take photo for Stephen Chow 周星驰...

All malaysia Stephen Chow supporter and fans has come to Pavilion,KL!!!

so cool man....

Stephen...what are looking at?

Stephen seem so happy...

This guys is lucky man...as he won a free ticket to china...

Stephen is balik kampung...

Welcome Stephen Chow 周星驰...

Stephen Chow 周星驰 is on interview

Stephen Chow 周星驰 is giving a speech...

Stephen Chow 周星驰 is sign a name on CJ7 board...

CJ7-长江七号 open ceremony

As here, i wish all readers