easy make money online: June 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008

Cisco Certification

Cisco certification is IT professional certifications for Cisco products. The tests are administered by Pearson VUE (Prometric previously administered the test; but as of 1 Aug 2007, no longer does). There are three levels of certification: Associate, Professional, and Expert.One of it is CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)-Candidates have the option of gaining the certification by passing two tests (ICND1 640-822 and ICND2 640-816), or one single test (CCNA 640-802); the two-test option has the advantage of allowing the candidate to focus on certain subjects.

As view on Malaysia Salary Survey by Robert Walters. IT field can make a lot of money per annuam. With certification and without certification could make a lot of different.
Due to make big money in IT field, Cisco has come out few certification on cisco systems. From Cisco certification, you may able to know more about Cisco certification programs, what training will be provide by them and requirements to study for every certification. With these Cisco certification, you able to grow your own career path to more higher level and more career opportunities. The most important is can make big money.

With these Cisco certification training provide, experience provide, and exam provide. Your career path will benefit and you may have potential to work in multi national company or oversea big company as higher level of IT staff or Cisco consultant.Beside, enlarge your view in Cisco.

Hereby i provide with a place for my blog reader to discuss on testimony of Cisco training, training result and outcome after completion of the program for those who had taken Cisco certification before.
For those who is still study, please share on your challenges and obstacles overcome.
Beside, those who had success get they career goal or achievement through Cisco certification. Please share on your experience that can benefit younger people to take up Cisco certification.

Sponsored by Cisco

5xmom has made no 8 top earner in payperpost.com

Recently, i saw malaysia famous blogger 5xmom has generate USD14,861.75 income in payperpopst.com.If it convert to malaysia ringgit will be roughly around RM47,557.60 (x 3.20).

Wah, that was great and big money leh...Malaysia Boleh!!!
So, don`t wait and sign up your payperpost.com and write paid post on your blog now.

Source: 5xmom

Gary Chaw 曹格 《WELCOME TO MY WORLD亚洲巡回演唱会》 - asia live tour 2008

Gary Chaw 曹格 has make his first concert in Malaysia last Saturday. His concert is held at Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium.

Gary and Special Guest-Justin(侧田) sing 沙滩(Sand beach)

more photo and video on here.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

easy make money online with SocialSpark

Since last few week, oil price had increase. Soon or later, transportation and courier fee will also increase.
By start of July, our country Malaysia electricity bill will increase also and stationary plus paper also will follow to increase 50%.
Wah, a lot of thing will be increase means that our inflation will be higher than last year.
Since the economic is not stable and inflation is very high. We might need to take pro active steps to avoid a painful time in the next two years which this situation will be last long.

1. Don't take any loans, buy homes, properties with loans, or even cash. Keep as much cash as possible.
2. Pay off as much of personal loans, private loans, as debt collection will be hastened.
3. Sell any stocks you can even at lower prices.
4. Take money off from Trust Funds.
5. Don't believe in huge sales forecast from customers, be extremely prudent, lowest inventories, reduce liabilities.
6. Don't invest in new capital.
7. If you are selling homes/ properties/ cars , do it now, when you can get good prices, they are going to fall.
8. Don't invest in new business proposals.
9. Cancel holiday plans using credit cards.
10. Don't change jobs, as companies will retrench based on 'last in first out'.
11. Write paid post on your blog to earn some pocket money. SocialSpark is one of the site who pay for blogger write paid post.
Stay cool, wait, and if you took all of the above actions and more, you probably will be better off then many.
This is not a rumor. Bear Stearns is the first of many banking and financial institutions that will start falling in the not too future. If Bear Stearns can fall, so can JP Morgan, Citibank, HSBC, and the whole world.
US economy falls, the rest will crumble. India and all those self economies will be the most protected, but not gullible. Europe may be a little stronger, but not China , another giant! Malaysia will see significant impact.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Come and download Firefox 3 today to set a Guiness World Record

Firefox will come out with latest version - Firefox 3. The official download date is today 18 June 2008. Due to Firefox will run to set a Guiness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours.
So guys, just come and download Firefox 3 on today.

Friday, June 13, 2008

"Anything" & "Whatever" soft drink found at Jaya Jusco, Midvalley KL

Yesterday, window walking at mid valley, kl. And i found Jaya Jusco got sold "Anything" & "Whatever" soft drink. It's in six can pack.

That guy seem like very familiar???

One pack it's cost about RM9.60, so one can cost RM1.60.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

review on Mutsy Strollers...

Look on this website page, you would never figure out whats is this website for? what do they sell? just know "mutsy - baby mobility".
Mutsy - they sell strollers. As currently they have two offer such as Mutsy Slider and 4 RIDER “NEXT” CARGO.
Mutsy Slider - new strollers, concept with the Slider. Its fulfill all mom's requirement for compactness, low weight, and performance with a sophisticated, sporty look.

4 RIDER “NEXT” CARGO - addition with a leather handle and the Cargo range of fabrics.
Its ideal for transporting infants, features a strong handle, a mattress pad and cover, and zip storage compartments.

* Barebabies.com would like to offer you a 10% discount on any Mutsy order by using the discount code mutsy10off.
* If you wish to test "drive" on Mutsy strollers, you can do it at local Mutsy retailer branches.
Sponsored by Mutsy

"Anything" & "Whatever" MSN Messenger Contest - Grand Prize - RM499 (Wish List) x 2

"Anything" & "Whatever" MSN Messenger Contest - "Anything" & "Whatever" new branded soft drink has launched in Malaysia on last week 04.06.2008. Previously, its was launched at Singapore last year.
Yesterday, i just simply send a message "Give me anything or whatever!" through msn on 8pm. Then i got one free pack of "Anything" drink for free. It was so easy to win.

Come and participate in the Anything & Whatever MSN Messenger Contest for free.
What you need to participate?
Just a msn account.

How to win?
1. Add Anything.whatever@live.com to your MSN Messenger contact list
2. Download the "Anything" or "Whatever" image and set it as your MSN Messenger Display Picture.
3. Change you MSN Messenger personal message to www.anything.com.my
4. Every 10th participant to send the exact message "Give me anything or whatever!" to the Anything & Whatever "buddy" during the selected hours will win a FREE pack of Anything & Whatever.
5. The selected hours mentioned above are:
* 9am - 11am ( 4 winners )
* 3pm - 4pm ( 2 winners )
* 8pm - 1am ( 6 winners )
6. Every 150th participant to send the exact message "Give me anything or whatever!" to the Anything whatever "friend" during the selected hours will win one of 2 Grand Prize Winners
7. CONTEST DURATION: 4 weeks begins from 5/6/2008 to 2/7/2008.

What is the prizes & grand prizes?
* Total of 252 daily, selected hour's Winners - 1 pack of each Anything and Whatever.
* 2 x Grand Prize Winners - RM499 (Wish List)

More information on “Anything” & “Whatever” plus TV commercial here.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Adobe Acrobat.com - Adobe on web version

Adobe Acrobat.com - Adobe has come out a web version and its provide with five different usefully online tools.
Adobe Buzzword
- Write and collaborate on documents anywhere, anytime.
- Its create for reports, proposals and other work online. There is no any installation need and can use online as word.
- Create print-perfect documents.
- Access your document from anywhere.
- Collaborate with any number of co-authors.
- Control versions and keep track of changes.

Adobe Connect Now
- it`s use to connect with people on sharing ideas, discuss detail and its function same as msn, google talk and others online messenger.
- Interact with others.
- Unique meeting room URL, screen sharing, Screen sharing palette, Whiteboard,Video conferencing,Integrated audio choices, Chat pod and Remote control.

Create PDF
- Convert up to five files to Adobe PDF online.
- this online tools able to help you convert files in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and other applications to PDF file easily.
- files you able to convert is text (TXT, PS, RTF), Microsoft Office (DOC, XLS, PPT, PRJ), Open Office (ODT, ODP, ODS, ODG, ODF), Star Office (SWX, SXI, SXC, SXD, STW), Word Perfect (WPD), and image files (BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG).
- just a maximum of 5 PDF file been created for a user. If you wish to convert more than 5 PDF file, you need to purchase Adobe Acrobat 9 or register Create Adobe PDF online service.

- Send files to others for easy access while you maintain control.
- just send a url to your friend and they will access the file online. No more sending big attachment or big file.
- send a link instead of an e-mail attachment.
- control access by creating a list of approved recipients.
- easily embed documents on your website, wiki, or blog.

My Files
- store your file online and able to download or access any where.
- help you easily organize all the files you share online, including Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, and images.
- access your documents from anywhere.
- find files quickly.
- easily upload documents.

Register your email in Adobe.com and learn more at Adobe Acrobat.com.

In Plain Sight - a new american series

USA Network - Officially an Original television series, movies and sports programming. You able to find show and movie schedules in USA network. Beside, discussion on movie or show and character profiles able to search on the site.

Today, I would like to blog on USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight. "In Plain Sight" is the brand new series and its will start premier on 1st June. You able to watch on some premier clip in USA Network website and read on the new series story plus characters profile.
In the main page of "In Plain Sight" you able to play games. The site have games such as Can you find what`s hidden in plain sight?, Think you know your facebook friends?, Answers question and win merchandise, Match wits with a master of the trivial. Come and challenge.

Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight

Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes For Unity

free download
"Malaysian Artistes For Unity is a non-profit, non-partisan, independent, zero budget multi-artistes song and video to promote racial unity in Malaysia.

Project participants include Afdlin Shauki, Awie, Ning Baizura, Jaclyn Victor, Jason Lo, Pete Teo, Tony Fernandes, Shebby Singh, Reshmonu, Atilia, KLG Sqwad, Altimet, Suki, Melina William, Yasmin Ahmad, Ho Yuhang, Amber Chia, Daniel Lee and many more... "- from facebook.

Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes music video. This music video is gather most of the Malaysia Artist to sing together for "Here In My Home". Tony Fernandes also featuring in the video.
Come listen and watch the video.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

World Oil Price has increase to USD138.54 per barrel...only way to survive...

On last friday, world oil price has increase to USD138.54 per barrel. Due to oil price continue increasing until the most expensive price in the century, we need to do something to avoid or survive from been attack by high oil price.

I think below is the only way to survive from high oil price...

Shower Bow - More Space Instantly with Revolutionary Curtain Expander

Have you ever experience on the dreaded shower curtain effect on your house own bathroom? I think the dreaded shower that i ever experience before is when i was child around primary school time, one day i was in the bathroom and there was clump nearby our house. Suddenly a snake just crawling across of me. At that time, i just shock and stand a side. Luckily the snake didn't do "anything" on me.
Recently just view on ShowerBow as it a site that provide with more safety shower bow and easy to set up.
How ShowerBow works?
ShowerBow installs in seconds. It just snaps onto your existing rod. It is a simple counterweight that tips out (without lifting the curtain from the tub) and holds the curtain away to create more space at elbow and knee level. Then, it tips back with just a nudge, so unlike curved rods, it won't crowd the rest of the bathroom. And because ShowerBow works inside the curtain, it is practically invisible from the outside.
Beside there was many customer reviews on that site, proven that ShowerBow is satisfy and value for money
Do come and view on ShowerBow as it just sell only $29.99 plus free shipping fees.

Sponsored by ShowerBow

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Handphone FAIR @ The Walk on the park (Menara PGRM)

Date: 5 - 8 june 2008
Time: 10am to 10pm
Place: The Walk on the park, Menara PGRM
Contact no: 03 - 9200 1888

1st handphone fair in malaysia, there was up to 70% discount off. There were selling brands such as LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, I-Mobile, Motorola, Samsung and others.
Beside, there was others event such as more than RM50,000 freebies to give away, handphone auction and free food & beverages vouchers (terms and condition apply. While stock last)

Quick learn Spanish with interpreter services...

Spanish language - "(help·info)) or Castilian (castellano) is a Romance language that originated in northern Spain, and gradually spread in the Kingdom of Castile and evolved into the principal language of government and trade. It was taken to Africa, the Americas, and Asia Pacific when the Spanish Empire was established between the 15th and 19th centuries." - from Wikipedia.
I still remember I have taken Spanish language class when I was study degree in University Science Malaysia, Penang. In USM, we need to take some credit for sports or language class so that we can graduate after three years degree. First semester, I choose archery as my sports credit and second semester I choose Spanish language as my second language credit class.
Spanish Language have few different from English such as:
- nouns have gender(masculine And feminine)
- special spanish characters
- noun, adjectives, must agree in gender and plural
I still remember i need to take twice to pass the Spanish Language exam-Level 1. I was not good enough to learn Spanish well unless I have use spanish to english translator. If i use online Spanish interpreter services, I think i wont be fail my Spanish exam.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Barclay's Premier League trophy 'Live' in KL!

Today 04.06.2008!!!!!
Today 1pm to 9pm!!!!!
Today Highstreet Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre!!!!
Today Barclay's Premier League trophy is `Live` in KL!!!!
Manchester United had win Barclay's Premier League and the Barclays trophy will arrive at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, TODAY!!!!
Air Asia - Official Airline for Manchester United team has hold a big celebration and big par-tae at 1 Utama.
So just bring your friends and family to join the crowd.
Beside, there was a lot of games and prizes to win:

FOOSBALL - With a minimum charge of RM10, you can score those goals and stand a chance to win a signed jersey from MU.

PS2 BATTLE - battle your friend at football on the PS2.

STRIKE A POSE - take photograph with Barclays Premier League trophy.

CRUSING IN - Meet MyFM and MixFM cruisers on 1:25pm and 3:30pm.

Just come and have fun!!!!

more MU detail on Amazing Air Asia!!!!

Pharmaceutical Formulation of Liquid Dosage Forms

IriSys Research & Development- a company that provides pharmaceutical product development contract services specializing in pharmaceutical dosage form development, consulting related to the drug development process.
As becoming a pharmacist, you need to take on degree in Pharmaceutical such as University Science Malaysia provide Pengajian Sains Farmasi courses, INTI INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE provide diploma in Pharmacy courses, International Medical University provide Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) (Honours) Programme and others as well.
For above courses, you may need to take four years of full time study. In college, you may able to choose 2+2 or 2 1/2+1 as its means two years in Malaysia college and two years in other country college or 2 and half years in Malaysia and 1 years in foreign country college.
As a professional Pharmacist, you must have a good knowledge in pharmaceutical dosage and online pharmaceutical liquid dosage forms might help you some.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Easy Make Money Online with UrTurn (Facebook application)

URTURN - a brand new easy make money online tools for facebook user.
"EveryClick Counts
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Just hang out on Facebook, connect with friends, earn points, trade
'em for cash, redeem prizes! SIMPLE!" - from URTURN.com
As currently just available for facebook user and in the future will expand to myspace user. For those who have facebook account just simply click on this URTUEN facebook application link and put in your username, password, email address (which is also paypal email address) and tick term and condition.

You able to start earn your point with daily facebook activity such as:
1. Subscribe to the urTurn Rewards Application on Facebook
2. Forward the urTurn Rewards Application to a Friend on Facebook
3. Your Friend Subscribes to the urTurn Rewards Application on Facebook
4. Post a Blog on Facebook
5. Post Photo on Facebook
6. Add Friends to Facebook
7. Status update on Facebook