easy make money online: August 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vote and Enter to Win a Trip to New Orleans.

2008 Great American Seafood Cook off at New Orleans Louisiana. Its presented by the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board featured top chefs from around the nation cooking with domestic, sustainable seafood from their home state. The competition is sponsored in part by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)- by marketwatch.com

Chef John Currence had the contest and become King of American Seafood at the 2008 Fifth Annual Great American Seafood Cook-Off! And currently its open to people to vote and win a trip to New Orleans.Come and vote for your favorite recipe using domestic, sustainable seafood and enter to win a "Trip to New Orleans" prize package including two Southwest Airline roundtrip tickets, hotel accommodations, dining experiences and more!

There was five delicious food to vote, such as Colorado Striped Bass Panzanella by Chef Paul Anders (Colorado), Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish with Peas and Carrots by Chef Tafari Campbell (Maryland), Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice by Chef John Currence (Mississippi), Texas Gulf Shrimp by Chef Mark Holley (Texas) and Louisiana Shrimp and Andouille Cassoulet by Chef Brian Landry (Louisiana).

Above is the photo of Texas Gulf Shrimp and i vote for it.Texas Gulf Shrimp - over hominy cakes with heirloom tomato relish drizzled with prickly pear gastrique. I have vote this because its look beautiful and delicious compare to other four food.
I able to view the recipe and have chance i will ask my girlfriend to cook for me. Texas Gulf Shrimp is prepare by Chef Mark Holley. He is born in Dayton, Ohio. He was from Meridian Hotel and the Four Seasons Inn on the Park.

Cook off is mean a cooking competition where the contestants each prepare dishes for judging either by a select group of judges or by the general public. I love domestic seafood as its fresh, delicious and great taste. So do come and vote your favorite food and win a trip to New Orleans.

Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood

My Little Airport大马含含情音乐会Live in Malaysia

My Little Airport大马含含情音乐会Live in Malaysia
地点 / Venue
Jupiter Hall, Global Business Park,
Block A, Level 4, No8, Jln 19/1 46300 PJ
( 靠近星洲日报报馆总行 / near by SinChewJitPoh )

日期/时间 / Date and Time
8月30日晚上8时 August 30th

序幕演出 / Supporting Act
电棒DianBang & IKA

预售票 Presale RM55 / 现场门票 Door Sale RM70
现场学生票 Student Price RM40
网上订票 / Online Booking dtd.ticketing@gmail.com


Come and support My Little Airport大马含含情音乐会 Live in Malaysia

Friday, August 22, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Petrol Price Reduced To RM2.55 Saturday

From Bernama news, tomorrow oil price will decrease for 15 sen and 8 sen for diesel.

It was another good news announced from government.
Hopefully there will be more good news on cutting down our inflation on next week 2009 budget report.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meet My Victory Hair

Meet My Victory Hair.
Why i want to meet your victory hair?
I also have my own victory hair, my own cool hair, my own beautiful hair.

Actually it was a new idea from Extreme Style by VO5 for Ultimate Flirting Championship.

What is Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship?
It was a championship host by V05 on create for guys can play with other online people.
You upload your personal photo and you able to cut, volume, curl and others.
1. First you may need to put in your age to qualify for the championship.
2. Type your user name in the box.
3. Choose your gender, either male or female.
4. Choose your most handsome or beautiful face.
5. Finally choose your hairstyle and color your hairstyle.

How would you guys describe on what 'Victory Hair' is?
As what i think, the 'Victory Hair' should be cool, sharp, beautiful and its able to make the world eyes on it.

Moving towards my Victory Hair. I will plan to buy a very hard gel and put in on hair like tv advertisement. All the male model with a nice hair and when they come out, its will capture all the girls eye. Its cool man.

Do come and participate in the Ultimate Flirting Championship for fun.

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Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5

恶搞赤壁之大学泡妞版 (Red Cliff-Funny video)

A funny chinese short video would like to share...video from Red Cliff movie...

Windows Live Sky Drive

Windows Live Messenger had come out with Sky Drive.
Its able to:
1. Store files for yourself
Using multiple computers? No problem. Store and access your personal files from anywhere online.

2. Share files with friends
Sharing with friends, co-workers, or family is easy when you all add and update files in a shared folder.

3. Share files with everybody
Some ideas are too good to keep to yourself. Share them in a public folder that only you can update.

Come and get started here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sproutwells get a dog, meet Phyto!!

The sproutwells is brand new typical fruit and veggie family living among humans.

Come and enjoy the fun video below:

After watching above The Sproutwells #2: Phyto The Dog? video, the character i love mostly is Phyto as its so cute and sometimes the dog will do funny things.
In the video, i love the part when Phyto jump out from the grass while the aunty is watering the grass.
So at the end of the video, show that stay tuned for ripe ideas from Freshfunds.com.

So if you feel that The Sproutwells #2: Phyto The Dog? is interesting and fun.
Please do share on your personal blog to spread out the word.

Sponsored by Fresh Funds

Watch MSN Videos with your friends thourgh Windows Live Messenger

MSN had come out a new add on in Windows Live Messenger TV-able to watch videos through your MSN with your friends.

Step as below:
1. Sign-in to Windows Live Messenger and start chatting with a friend you would like to watch videos with.

2. Click on the 'Activities' menu button on the toolbar above the chat window. Select 'Messenger TV' to send an invite to your friend.

3. Start sharing loads of great MSN videos!

GEARS-Improving Your Web Browser

Another add-ons on Mozilla Firefox that make your internet browser browse faster.
GEARS-an add-ons improve your web browser by google.

Let web applications interact naturally with your desktop

Store data locally in a fully-searchable database

Run JavaScript in the background to improve performance

Download it here and make your browser faster.

More on :
Developer Site
Frequently asked questions
More help

$8 Complete Prescription Eyeglasses + Case

Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni only starting at $8.00 only.
All of the Eyeglass Orders Including the $8.00 Eyeglasses Have:
* High quality stylish frame
* Thin and Light 1.57 index lens
* Anti Scratch Coating
* Full UV Protection
* Lens edge polishing and beveling
* Quality Hard Eyeglass case
* Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth
* Full Guarantee

Come and do buy your Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses online now.
Now Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Blaze Media Pro Multimedia Software

Last time, i always google on audio convertor or video converter to find some software to convert MP3 to WAV, AVI to MP3, WMA to MP3, WMV to MPEG for free.
So when i found it, i need to download and try to use it. But mostly the software given free trial for few days and its need to pay if you wish to convert full song or full video.

Blaze Media Pro Multimedia-only pay one time payment and you able to do all the audio or video converter.

Audio Converter

Video Converter

Video Editor

Monday, August 11, 2008

Play Extreme Style

'Ultimate Flirting Championship'-it was an online game brought to you by VO5.
Here guys, just come and play the Extreme Style by VO5.
How to play it?
Just put in your name and birthday.
These game need three people and wait until another player come in. They two character to choose, one is Judge or player.
Judge will be given a bunch of questionaire and you need to ask each participant with 5 question.
If you become player then you just need to answer question by judges with sexy or creative way.
In the end, best flirt of the pair will win Victory Hair.

I have heard the worst pick-up line is "you are like a flower and i am just like a shit. Would you like to come out with Shit?"

Do come and test your own flirting abilities in Ultimate Flirting Championship.

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Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5

Download 27 msn olympic display photo

Recently, i go though CCTV Olympic online TV and found there was 27 msn icon on MSN people on Olympic Athlete game.
There game was cycling, swimming, boxing, basketball, badminton, ping pong, running and others.
Do come and download your favorite Olympic msn icon with html code below:

you may change number "7416" to 7417,7418 and until 7443 to find out different cute Olympic msn icon.

CCTV- online web television on Olympics games (CCTV 网络电视奥运台)

CCTV web TV on Olympic- a china tv station had come out with a web tv that only show on Olympic games.
Its free and no registration require to watch Olympic game online. (but the website is in chinese wording) So for those people who do not know Chinese will cant able to watch whatever show that they like but they can try to click one by one or ask chinese people.

In CCTV Olympic web TV have live cast show room, dedication show room, medal list, Olympic game schedule, programme list, photo section, China Athlete profile, Olympic map and Olympic computer games.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what's your mankind motto?

Operation Immortality: Leave your mark. Save Humanity.
The latest free online game-Tabula Rasa.
Operation Immortality-it's a real once in a lifetime event that will save a history of humanity;s greatest achievement, digitized human DNA, and personal message from people all of the world.
Just log in to the website and submitting your suggestion for humanity's greatest achievements, leaving your message for the universe and registering for a chance to have your DNA sent into space.
You can upload your personal motto, contribute your Tabula Rasa character, and even vote for what will be considered mankind’s greatest achievement to date.

I have submitted my motto to the universe, my message code is 578. "hi everyone....fight for ur future"
I would like to spread my motto to the universe as i think in this fast changing society. You need to act fast and learn fast. If you are a people who don't really care of what he is doing now and what will his future be? Than you will be out of this world.
As nowadays, internet and information is just simple few type or click will appear in front of you. So fight for your future and appreciate what you now.
"Fight for my future" is always beside me and i need to everyday telling myself that outside there a lot of people are working hard and doing thing fast.You need to act fast or else you will be out of this world.

Do check my motto in the website and my motto message id is 578.

Sponsored by Operation Immortality

Money No Enough 2-《钱不够用2》

“Money No Enough 2” 《钱不够用2》 is returns!!!!
Its bring attention to the common man’s life in Singapore where the pursuit of money is a never ending passion .
The first episod of “Money No Enough” was last ten years ago, now Jack Neo has bring back “Money No Enough 2” 《钱不够用2》

“Money No Enough 2” 《钱不够用2》 was starring by :
Jack Neo 梁智强- Second brother Yang Bao Jiang
Henry Thia 程旭辉- Oldest brother Yang Bao Hui
Mark Lee 李国煌- Youngest brother Yang Bao Huang

Jack Neo last movie Ah Long Pte Ltd 《老师嫁老大》was make a new record on movie sale in Malaysia and Singapore. Wish them “Money No Enough 2” 《钱不够用2》also make another new record in movie sale.

Money No Enough 2 trailer

Money No Enough 2 《钱不够用2》- 请关掉电话 Please off your mobile

20 Creative Advertisement

A creative advertisement will let people remember it.
A creative advertisement will help in branding and promoting.
Below attach with 20 global creative advertisement.

McDonald's-a board advertisement on bus stop

IKEA-living room on the street

read more