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Monday, August 11, 2008

Play Extreme Style

'Ultimate Flirting Championship'-it was an online game brought to you by VO5.
Here guys, just come and play the Extreme Style by VO5.
How to play it?
Just put in your name and birthday.
These game need three people and wait until another player come in. They two character to choose, one is Judge or player.
Judge will be given a bunch of questionaire and you need to ask each participant with 5 question.
If you become player then you just need to answer question by judges with sexy or creative way.
In the end, best flirt of the pair will win Victory Hair.

I have heard the worst pick-up line is "you are like a flower and i am just like a shit. Would you like to come out with Shit?"

Do come and test your own flirting abilities in Ultimate Flirting Championship.

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Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5