easy make money online: December 2007

Monday, December 31, 2007

Fuel oil (Malaysia) increase again?

Just now I receive a friend sms me that petrol oil price in Malaysia will be increase again since last year increase. In the sms say petrol oil will be increase RM0.20 per liter and effective on 01/01/2008.
This news will be announce after 10pm, 31/12/2007.
Since on today newspaper have report on petrol price may be increase RM0.30 to RM0.40. At this moment still not sure which one is exact amount, but definitely petrol oil price will be increase again.
before 31/12/2007 RM1.92 per liter RM50 = 26.04 liter
after 01/01/2008 RM2.12 per liter RM50 = 23.58 liter


before 31/12/2007 RM1.92 per liter 26.04 liter = RM50.00
after 01/01/2008 RM2.12 per liter 26.04 liter = RM55.20

10% increase for petrol oil and hope this increasing will be once a year...

Medical Assistant Training

Looking toward new century, healthy is the future. As for 90an-computer is the largest market, 20 century-internet is the trend and 21 century-china is the trend.
I look forward to 22 century, healthy is the trend.
As now, a lot of multi level marketing company has very take in seriously on human healthy. They came out a lot of healthy food, healthy skin care, healthy drink and others healthy machine. Beside, hospital no matter government or private. There are still builds and build after one and one.
So as now you become doctor or even nurse, your future will be protect and guarantee wont have jobless problem. As on the web, there was a site provide medical assistant programs. There will provide a professional medical assistant training programs. Plus, certification information from the leading online and campus healthcare schools across the US will be on the site.
There provide programs for medical technician and patient care training such as Medical Assisting Schools, Dental Assistant Training Schools, Ultrasound Diagnostic Schools, Therapeutic Health Technician, Natural Health Practitioner, Massage Therapy Schools, X-Ray Technician Training, Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Occupational Therapy Assistant, LPN: Licensed Practical Nurse, Medical Laboratory Technician, Pharmacy Technician School, and Physical Therapy School.
After graduate from medical assistant programs, you can able to get advise on medical assistant careers from the site.

Friday, December 28, 2007

EarthFrisk.Org - First Meta-Social Search Engine

Now, every time I need some information, video, website, phone number for booking restaurant, any new electrical gadget or even though a small little tinny thing I will use internet search engine to search for what I need. While I just with simple few word clicking and a `enter` key, I able to find everything in world just with few seconds.
What thing has made our life more simple and easy?
`Search Engine`, normally people will use google, msn, yahoo, ask, clusty and slashmysearch to do their searching online.
Now a new search engine - EarthFrisk.Org. A total Hybrid-Meta-Community/ Social Engine.
With title ultimate search earth – If you can`t find it by using this site, it doesn`t exist!
Wah,so cool man. Come and try with new search engine now.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Another online backgammon in the web world. This site also will provide customer to play backgammon. It`s offer players play tournament backgammon online with others player. The site provide up to seven language such as english, italy, german, swiss and others.
Inside `GETTING STARTED`, its provide with step by step to play online backgammon. First, need to download backgammon, register as player, play for fun money, play for real money and lastly withdraw money.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Malaysia Shopping mall-Christmas decoration for 2007

Time Square - this one is taller or klcc one?

The Curve - can i stay in for one night?

Queens Bay - droped large blue tree

Pavilion - grand and beatiful `cakes` or `tree` ?

Mid Valley - `hot` forest theme

Suria KLCC - isn`t that last year also a big tree?

Gurney Plaza - a white crystal tree in front main door

One Utama - with british doll and music instrument

Just receive a mail show almost all biggest mall in malaysia with their christmas decoration for 2007. Some with play ground theme, forest theme, white christmas theme, and big christmas tree theme.
Come a have a view.

EZUnsecured.com-Small Business Credit Line(s)

Since 2002, an online credit provider has been helps a lot of entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality. They provide small business credit line for customer or entrepreneurs in the world.
Their benefits are easy process for small business credit lines, fast funding to customer and great services to serve entrepreneurs.
Be a success entrepreneurs come with good tools.

What if you do when u are in smelly toilet?

Mostly we will face a smelly while we go for public toilet or restaurant toilet. And some times we might need to stay longer in it. If the toilet is very smelly and hard to stay in longer, mostly people will use paper or plate to swing air in toilet to make the smell going off.
Just now, i figure out that using a lighter or fire. Its can make the smell disappear and u will feel fresh while u in toilet for small business or even big business.
Try it out at your toilet.

The Most Popular Online Poker Odds Calculator on the internet

Last week, I just play poker on facebook. It’s a simple game and each player will have two cards on hand and match with card on table. There are five card on table, so player will try to match for double, triple, flush, straight and full house. As just now I figure out there was poker calculator online. The calculator can calculate poker odds that’s which number will be out late. It`s holdem calculator.

Monday, December 24, 2007

古巨基演唱会-Leo Ku The MAGIC Moments 2007

Last friday, dandan has been given two Leo Ku concert ticket by his colleauge and she feel happy as it was her first time to watch concert(solo) in kl.
The concert is held at stadium merdeka and time is 7.30pm.
After we having our dinner at Purple Cane Tea House and then we go to watch concert. The concert start on 7.55pm and end on 10.10pm. Its roughly around 2 hours plus and most of audient are come in with couples, so the show will be more romantic and hurray, screaming will be lesser.
Galaxy has bring in all customs, background, dancer and music exactly same with Leo Ku concert at Hong Kong. Leo Ku has invite Justin to become guess artist in his concert.
First, the show start with dont know is a bird or bat bring leo ku to the stage. The concert has separate to three part as in musical drama, solo concert and christmas.
Here are some photos by Canon IXUS 75

Purple Cane Tea House-紫藤茶坊

Yesterday, dandan and me going to purple cane tea house for our dinner. Its located nearby by petaling street. The shop is at 3rd floor.
We order nasi lemak, mee chun qun, tea egg and some drinks. It`s cost us RM20.30...
The environment is good and most of the people is enjoying chinese tea by order a boil and sit there for a long time.

Purple Cane Tea House-紫藤茶坊
No.6, 3rd floor, Jalan Panggong, 50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2072 1349

Saturday, December 22, 2007

AMBP Gathering: Coffee Therapy for Bloggers

AllMalaysiaN Bloggers Project have organize a gathering for malaysian blogger at kl. It`s the first time AMBP do this gathering.
For first 50 bloggers walk into starbucks, the garden will get a free drink.
Detail as below:
Date: 12 January 2008
Time: 10.00am onwards
Venue: Starbucks The Gardens, MidValley

come and join the crowd.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Online car parts selling with discount rate.

Drive Wire-an online selling car parts, accessories and auto parts. Nowadays, a lots of teenager will purchase their dream car once they have just complete their degree or starting to work.
Its show that every year of new car driver will be increases a huge numbers. Plus, with new style and fashion make teenager wish to change their own car with their own personality. By adding in ford auto parts for ford, its will make your car beautiful.
With online purchase car parts will able to get more discount.

Sasaiki - UOA

Last month, we just celebrate lai kien birthday at Sasaiki Japanese Buffet Restaurant, UOA kl.
Sasaiki have a branch-Shogun which located in One Utama shopping center. I have been try for both of them and found out Sasaiki Restaurant is more delicious food compare to Shogun.

Sasaiki Japanese Buffet Restaurant contact/booking/reservation number - 03-21663728
RM59.80/person (include tax)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Wisdom of Abundance

Just review on this website-The Wisdom of Abundance as it`s also similar with my personal blog chuanling616. And both of us are promoting on easy make money online. As in nowadays, a lot of teenager already have blogging experience as almost everyone have their own personal computer and broadband connection at home. Plus with wifi service, we able to online everywhere as we like. Lets us together move towards more and more income from blogging.

Online financial service

Best Leading Lenders- an online financial service who provide loans, credit cards, home loan, personal loan, payday loan and others financial services. For business man, they need loans to grow their own business. Adults need loan for purchase house and student need study loan for university life expenses. Loans become more important today`s, as it`s provide a lot of demanding and should be a lot of make money opportunity by providing loan service.
Best Leading Lenders also provide helps to people who have poor credit or financial problem. Their serve Personal Loans.
Beside, Best Leading Lenders also promote some Credit Card Offers to attract more customer and debt consolidation will make customer will debt solution.

Monday, December 10, 2007

online backgammon

Another online backgammon website, but this site was creating with a male body picture. As I think that may be put another picture on backgammon website is better. This site basically with full information that needed by a online backgammon player as in getting started, tournament, download and support. Just simply few clicks we able to play backgammon online.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gathering on 08.12.2007- (ii)

Yesterday, i go for my USM gathering at sunway- Yuen Steamboat. Finally, 15 of us able to attend the dinner. They are me, dandan, chui cheh, chui cheh boyfriend, yeah hui, wei chieh, yew cheng, syn chieh, poh poh, yong hui, jing zi, jiann sin, jin ping and hsin hui.
Unfortunately, jia yi, su wah, boon keat, kar seng and soo ching unable to attend as some of them have more important thing to do and not available at kl.
Hereby i attach with some photos...

Yuen Steamboat : contact/booking number - 03-56375825
per person - RM18.80
tax - RM 1.00
chinese tea- RM 1.00
TOTAL - RM20.80/person

Furniture From Home

Mostly people who is trying to merry or move in a new house, they will make their house as beautiful as they prefer. They will go through many home decoration magazine, friend opinion, personal idea and others ways. Nowadays, people can go to search for many types of room decoration. Furniture From Home- a website which is selling furniture with many types and many room decoration pictures to design your own room. In the site, its provide search column to search the thing you wish to and its will make customer easy to browse their likes in the site. Discount for living room furniture, bed, sleep sofa and others will attractive more customer to purchase. Beside, you may able to choose bedroom sets, living room sets, dining room sets, home office furniture and even leather furniture just by few clicks. But the site color is on brown and its will be more like old wooden house and if put in some gray or silver will make the site more in now and fashion to attract more executive level people.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another easy make money online

Blog for money, is a way I currently trying to easy make money online. As its just need to write your opinion and you will be able to get paid for blogging. As nowadays, a lot of people have their own blog, people would like to share their experience and life. In future, personality will be more famous and its will make blogging become a trend.
In the site, we write opinion or service review no matter positive or negative view on personal blog and advertise will be paid on what they request to write. As advertise on blogs, advertiser able to create traffic and with specific keywords on the site, its will make your site or service provide more popular.
Try it now.
As join in as a blogger, you no need to pay any cents for this new trend of business and its free and easy to sign up.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Short 100+ posts on credit cards

Just in past few months ago, i just apply two credit cards. One is Citibank-Airasia card and MBF credit card.
Credit card- some say evil and some say god. Which site do you think it is?
Depends, on november i go for my bangkok trip. I book my air ticket and hotel with credit card. Last month i help my girl friend to buy a lot of things just by credit card and not need to pay any cents first...but need to pay later lah...
This month, i have been use my credit card to pay bill at Sasaiki restaurant and tai tong restaurant.
Beside, balance transfer from one credit card to others credit card and 0% purchase credit cards will attract more people to apple credit card.

Online caring service community

Everyone have to face problem themselves.
Everyone have thier own problem.
Everyone have to smile and leave while they happen anything bad.
Everyone still have to face people.
Everyone need to communicate with each other.
If one of situation above cant solve it, then your live will be screw up. Plus, nowadays, many people need care. Need communicate. Need friend. An online nursing home could provide your daily solution and care about you. The site create with care information, care search and care discussion. You able to discuss, talk about your experience and share your problem.
So in future when you have personal problem, love problem, family problem, friends problem, colleauge problem, or anything related to human. Just drop by and may be your could find solution here.

Take the Internet Back !!!

Take the Internet Back-one of my current easy make money online tools.
Its earn money by clicking email only.
Its easy and simple.

*payout requirement: $20 and 2 active referral

Shopping software solution

Ashop- an Australia shopping cart software provider. It’s won Award Shopping Cart Software. You able to make your personal shopping website in Australia now. Inside the shopping software, they provide 10 days free trial and professional advice on make money online through shopping website. Online shopping is a future trent as nowadays, a lots of people make money online by shopping website.
These are the site advantage:
-its provide website and web base service
-no installation charges require
-they give a low rate of ecommerce software
-credit card is accepted for payment
-a lot of features and simple to use
-you can just start your online business right now
-its provide with full customized design of your personal shopping website
the site provide a demo store for customer as they can try with demo store online before they purchase the shopping cart software.
Don’t loss out, try it now- Ashop.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Do you need to know a good DUI lawyer?

When you are caughting by police been drinking while driving, what will do?
Scare ! Shock ! Run away ! Bribing police ! Cry ! Disheartening !

Don’t be panic and worry, just make a phone call to DUI attorney (only for San Diego resident). San Diego DUI Lawyer- a DUI attorney which saved a lots drivers license since fews years with different level of alchol and level of test. But before been caught by police, read these defense just to avoid anything bad thing happen.

Gathering on 08.12.2007

Gathering is always a happy thing to do with old fren. This coming Saturday, I will go for my USM gathering at sunway. We choose to meet at Yuan buffet steamboat.
Fren will come to this gathering is chui cheh, jiann sim, yeah hui, wei chieh, jia yi, yong hui, soo ching, hsin hui, zing zi, poh poh and puei keng.
Hope I can meet up all my old fren there…

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hotel Reservations

Just now i go to others online travel agency to search for some bangkok hotel rate as i need to compare on bangkok hotel rate and tour package with hotel reservations.
Finally, i found that Hotel reservations.com giving out hotel rate which is more cheaper than others online hotel agency.
Just come and book your hotel and travel package with cheapest rate.

Online shopping website-ashop.com

Ebay-a world class successfull online auction and shopping website.
Lelong.com-a malaysian local famous online auction and shopping website.
How they build up their image? How they build they market? How they grow up very fast?
By online and website, its make them grow faster and become famous and famous. Dont be jealous, just do it. With online shopping cart software provider you or me also can make up your personal shopping website. With minimum USD69 up to USD349 per month, you able to build up a new shopping website to promote your product or selling others people products easily. Beside, the website provide 10 days free trial and fully customization design to make user more easy to build their website.
Come in and make your dream come true.

online casino

Sometimes a lots of choices with make us feel unconfortable and unknow about all the choices. Beside hard to choose and scare choose wrongly become our impact. So a conclusion or a review of all choices will make us more cleary about our choices.
As nowadays, online casino is one of people favourite website that provide entertainment and gambling for people.
Pro360 is a site that provide casino review online and its have a lots of casino recommended in good rate. There have players rating, editor ratings and complete review for people who love casino online to review on each casino online and choose their favorite casino online. The site list up casino online with all casino, us casino, all poker rooms and us pokers rooms list.
They provide a list of casino game to select such as blackjack, slots, video poker, roulette, craps, carribean stud, baccarat, keno, bingo, backgammon, sports betting and poker.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Book your hotel with professional agency- Hotel Reservations

Now already start of December as most of employee would like to clear their annual leave with planning for travel, stay at home for few days, attend seminar or do what they prefer to do while on free time.
On November I just finish my year end trip with my `bao bei`. We go to Bangkok, Thailand for our `honeymoon`. It’s very `siok` man. The things are very cheap and the food is different from our country.
We going to Bangkok for five days, we stay at lamphu house-it’s a motels which located nearby khao san road (favorite of backpacker). At khao san road have a lots of hotel provided but we choose lamphu house as it is cheap and clean. A double room with air-cond is 650baht (RM65) per night. We make our reservations by send email to lamphu house and without paying any cents.
For last day at Bangkok, we book our hotel which nearby Chactuchak market-Reflections Rooms. It is a boutique hotel and it cost us 1850baht (RM185) per night. With a lot of beautiful design and very artistic. We also book Reflection Rooms without any cents; just send you’re booking email and a confirmation of booking letter with your credit card number. Just simple as typing few word, you able to book your hotel which your prefer.
Nowadays, a lot of agencies provide booking online and your can choose which hotel you like and provide hotel picture and location maps to you. In the site, you able to choose hotel rate, best price, discount price and best package on town.
Beside, much type of hotels, motels, resorts and vacation package also provide by Hotel Reservations. As just now I view on the site, it provides a comfortable, easy and simple way to booking your package, hotel and tour package.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Salary report 2007 from jobstreet

My fren recently have just send me a link - salary report 2007. This report is under jobstreet.com. You can search any job from clerk until manager range and view position salary range in malaysia, singapore, india and Philipines.
It may help a lots of people as its can be a reference for people who will attend an interview or look for their market value.

Salary report 2007

Chuanling616-November Income

Finally, i have a chance to upload my easy make money online result. The first column with Take The Internet Back, Bux.to, englandbux.org, Donkeymails, Ptcbux, International offer, Slashmysearch and easyadbucks is click to pay website and some of them haven pay out yet. I already been join these pay to click seen half a year before.

Second column show paid post by payperpost, Sponsoredreviews, Blogsvertise and Bloggerwave. I have just join these paid post after i came back from my year end trip-bangkok.

Third column show survey online and survey for malaysian. Awsurveys, planet-pulse and mysurvey 7205 point. Its took me half a year to do survey with these result.

From the table, show that click to pay and survey just enough for colleage student and graduate as its need plenty of time to make money. As for us, lazy people-who just want to easy make money online-paid post is a way.
I will write up my easy make money online way on my future blog.
Stay tune...