easy make money online: June 2007

Friday, June 29, 2007

Experience attending survey

i have been attend one survey project in mid valley last friday(21-jun-2007)
i go to there around 6pm ++....go and searching for the tower...
and finally i found it...the tower entrance is nearby dome restaurant....
i go in and take lift.....goes up....
around 7pm ++ we start the survey....and before that we all 8 people have pizza for dinner...cool....
on the survey we all just chit chat and giving ideas...the environment so relax and fun.....
u know lah...a group of guys...topis should be add in some `18sx` ......
after that...the survey finish and we all get the incentive and balik kampung.....

a nice experience for me....i meet some new guys and just have fun over there.....

Survey for PROJECT MID SEDAN CARS-2 july 2007

A new survey project by market research company.....
this one more money.....incentive up to RM150......

time: 7pm
date: 2-july-2007
venue: mid valley
sex: male/female
age: 20-45 years old
criteria: personal owned car and have change their tyres before
which year purchase car: 2000-2005

List of cars below:-
- Honda Civic
- Toyota Altis
- Nissan Sentra
- Proton Perdana
- BMW 3
- Mazda 6
- Hyundai Sonata
- Kia Optima
- Ford Lynx RS
- Ford Focus
- Chevrolet Lumina
- Peugeot 407
- Scoda Superb
- Skoda Octavia
- Ssanyyong
- Chairman
- Citroen C5
- Citroen XSARA

Survey for Radio Listener (3,4 july 2007)

A new survey on new week 3,4 july 2007....

venue: mid valley
sex: male & female
age: 25-39 years old
incentive: RM80
must: read and write chinese
language group: chinese
radio: 988 or MyFM
time: 7pm

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Survey on investors/non investors

Another survey in kl town.....for non investor and investor......
date: 13/06-14/06/2007
race: chinese and malays
sex: male and female
age: 24-45 years old
incentive: RM80(evening), RM100(afternoon)

Survey for soya milk / ice lemon tea (RM20 for 10min

Survey that need 50 ( age 20-29 year old ) perday (25male - 25famale).
Drinking survey for chinese only( other race will be done by other people ) .
10min only. just drink and question about the taste only.

Pay: RM20
Location: hotel opposite of Ancorp Mall. can reach by putra line LRT ( station Taman Jayafor soya milk 05/06/07 tuesday ( 3pm-8pm) ( must have drink 1 glass of soya milk per week )for ice lemon tea 06/06/07 wednesday (3pm-8pm)( must have drink 1 glass of ice lemon tea per week )either join 1 season only

Ciggi Survey Incentive RM150

Market research company find respondent who is smoker to participate in survey.....

Age: 18-34 years old
Sex: Male only
Respondent: Malay and chinese who must know how to read and write chinese/mandarin.
Venue: Mid Valley
Duration: 4 hours
Provide: drinks and snack
Incentive: RM150
Group:Grp 1 12th June 3pm Malay 25-34 y.o
Grp 2 13th June 10am Chinese 18-24 y.o
Grp 3 13th June 3pm Chinese 25-34 y.o
Grp 4 14th June 10am Malay 18-24 y.o
Grp 5 14th June 3pm Chinese 25-34 y.o
Grp 6 15th June 10am Chinese 18-24 y.o
Grp 7 15th June 3pm Chinese 25-34 y.o
Grp 8 16th June 10am Chinese 18-24 y.o

Part time survey-only for female(>20 years old)

Dear all,Marketing Research company looking forrespondent who is female and above 20years old to participate in cosmeticsurvey.
term and condition:female who havebought cosmetic product at guardian orwatson.
rewards: cosmetic product worth RM50contact

Monday, June 25, 2007

Survey for credit card/debit card owner

A market research company looking for respondents male & female malay, chinese & indian (age 25-45) who either has debit cards/credit cards.

Location: Mid Valley
Time: 01/06/2007 friday, 7-9pm
pay: RM100
extra: free dinner..................i still cannot get in this survey....coz no debit card.....no credit card......

as i know early....i simply apply one also good lah.....

my RM100 fly fly fly away........ :(

Survey for smoker (dunhill smoker)

I have know that on next thursday (31/5/07) have one survey earn some money for smoker (dunhill).....seen i cant go....i will introduce to some one is entitle to go.....

time: 7pm onward....
venue: ????
sex:maleage:25 - 35 year
education: diploma or higher but graduated in chinese primary school
language:cantonese speaking
pay: RM80
extra: dinner provide

Survey for respondents drinks cognac

Just now 6.20pm (25.05.2007) i have been participated in the survey for cognac around 1 hour and i get RM50 leh....cool man....if u interest also can see detail on below.....but u must be drink cognac in past one month (at least some)......

location: the shop let which nearby mid valley
time: weekday 11am-9pm, weekend 11am-8pm
date: from today until 31st May 2007

Survey for radio listener (part 2)

hi every body...i have receive sms regarding survey for radio listener from the recruiter....below is the detail for radio survey....
time: mid of june....of course 2007 lah.....
venue: some where nearby mid valley......i heard is in IGB tower.....
time: around 7pm to 9pm.....
radio: any fm......home
work: a small little home work need to do......listen to fm on weekday..min 1 hour per day......
pay: RM80 for two hours survey.....
they currently also need more people for the suvey.....i already join and need to start listen my fm everyday loh.....

Survey for entertainment oulets respondents

"A market research company looking for respondents (male & female) Chinese & Indian who goes to entertainment oulets like bars/bistros/Karaokes irregularly maybe once or twice a month."another survey again......but......it stated only for 20-25 years old people......urrrrr.....i already 26...dunno entitle or not.....ummm....may be try `belakang mari`.....i means ask for some exception lah......call again tomorrow......

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Survey for radio listener

"A market research company looking for radio listener(12-19 & 25-50years old) to participate in our research (2 hours interview)"

i saw this ad on some famous forum in Malaysia and wonder is it real or not?
i am calling the pic and she ask me to wait another call to make sure that i qualify for the survey......emmmm have to wait loh.......

no news yet........
no call yet.......
no phone ring yet.......