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Friday, December 28, 2007

EarthFrisk.Org - First Meta-Social Search Engine

Now, every time I need some information, video, website, phone number for booking restaurant, any new electrical gadget or even though a small little tinny thing I will use internet search engine to search for what I need. While I just with simple few word clicking and a `enter` key, I able to find everything in world just with few seconds.
What thing has made our life more simple and easy?
`Search Engine`, normally people will use google, msn, yahoo, ask, clusty and slashmysearch to do their searching online.
Now a new search engine - EarthFrisk.Org. A total Hybrid-Meta-Community/ Social Engine.
With title ultimate search earth – If you can`t find it by using this site, it doesn`t exist!
Wah,so cool man. Come and try with new search engine now.