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Monday, December 24, 2007

古巨基演唱会-Leo Ku The MAGIC Moments 2007

Last friday, dandan has been given two Leo Ku concert ticket by his colleauge and she feel happy as it was her first time to watch concert(solo) in kl.
The concert is held at stadium merdeka and time is 7.30pm.
After we having our dinner at Purple Cane Tea House and then we go to watch concert. The concert start on 7.55pm and end on 10.10pm. Its roughly around 2 hours plus and most of audient are come in with couples, so the show will be more romantic and hurray, screaming will be lesser.
Galaxy has bring in all customs, background, dancer and music exactly same with Leo Ku concert at Hong Kong. Leo Ku has invite Justin to become guess artist in his concert.
First, the show start with dont know is a bird or bat bring leo ku to the stage. The concert has separate to three part as in musical drama, solo concert and christmas.
Here are some photos by Canon IXUS 75