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Monday, December 3, 2007

Book your hotel with professional agency- Hotel Reservations

Now already start of December as most of employee would like to clear their annual leave with planning for travel, stay at home for few days, attend seminar or do what they prefer to do while on free time.
On November I just finish my year end trip with my `bao bei`. We go to Bangkok, Thailand for our `honeymoon`. It’s very `siok` man. The things are very cheap and the food is different from our country.
We going to Bangkok for five days, we stay at lamphu house-it’s a motels which located nearby khao san road (favorite of backpacker). At khao san road have a lots of hotel provided but we choose lamphu house as it is cheap and clean. A double room with air-cond is 650baht (RM65) per night. We make our reservations by send email to lamphu house and without paying any cents.
For last day at Bangkok, we book our hotel which nearby Chactuchak market-Reflections Rooms. It is a boutique hotel and it cost us 1850baht (RM185) per night. With a lot of beautiful design and very artistic. We also book Reflection Rooms without any cents; just send you’re booking email and a confirmation of booking letter with your credit card number. Just simple as typing few word, you able to book your hotel which your prefer.
Nowadays, a lot of agencies provide booking online and your can choose which hotel you like and provide hotel picture and location maps to you. In the site, you able to choose hotel rate, best price, discount price and best package on town.
Beside, much type of hotels, motels, resorts and vacation package also provide by Hotel Reservations. As just now I view on the site, it provides a comfortable, easy and simple way to booking your package, hotel and tour package.