easy make money online: what's your mankind motto?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what's your mankind motto?

Operation Immortality: Leave your mark. Save Humanity.
The latest free online game-Tabula Rasa.
Operation Immortality-it's a real once in a lifetime event that will save a history of humanity;s greatest achievement, digitized human DNA, and personal message from people all of the world.
Just log in to the website and submitting your suggestion for humanity's greatest achievements, leaving your message for the universe and registering for a chance to have your DNA sent into space.
You can upload your personal motto, contribute your Tabula Rasa character, and even vote for what will be considered mankind’s greatest achievement to date.

I have submitted my motto to the universe, my message code is 578. "hi everyone....fight for ur future"
I would like to spread my motto to the universe as i think in this fast changing society. You need to act fast and learn fast. If you are a people who don't really care of what he is doing now and what will his future be? Than you will be out of this world.
As nowadays, internet and information is just simple few type or click will appear in front of you. So fight for your future and appreciate what you now.
"Fight for my future" is always beside me and i need to everyday telling myself that outside there a lot of people are working hard and doing thing fast.You need to act fast or else you will be out of this world.

Do check my motto in the website and my motto message id is 578.

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