easy make money online: Shower Bow - More Space Instantly with Revolutionary Curtain Expander

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shower Bow - More Space Instantly with Revolutionary Curtain Expander

Have you ever experience on the dreaded shower curtain effect on your house own bathroom? I think the dreaded shower that i ever experience before is when i was child around primary school time, one day i was in the bathroom and there was clump nearby our house. Suddenly a snake just crawling across of me. At that time, i just shock and stand a side. Luckily the snake didn't do "anything" on me.
Recently just view on ShowerBow as it a site that provide with more safety shower bow and easy to set up.
How ShowerBow works?
ShowerBow installs in seconds. It just snaps onto your existing rod. It is a simple counterweight that tips out (without lifting the curtain from the tub) and holds the curtain away to create more space at elbow and knee level. Then, it tips back with just a nudge, so unlike curved rods, it won't crowd the rest of the bathroom. And because ShowerBow works inside the curtain, it is practically invisible from the outside.
Beside there was many customer reviews on that site, proven that ShowerBow is satisfy and value for money
Do come and view on ShowerBow as it just sell only $29.99 plus free shipping fees.

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