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Friday, February 15, 2008

Electoral Roll Checking ( semakan daftar pemilik)

The 12th General Election Day for Malaysia has been officially announced held on 08 March 2008. As for a Malaysian who is above 21 years old is qualify for voting. Beside, you must have to register your name at Pejabat Pos or SPR counter before 3 month of Election Day. If you register just in between three month and below. You will need to wait for 13th General Election Day which will be after 5 years - 2013.
For those who is already been voted or register, you may check your Locality, Polling District, State Assemblies, Parliamentary, and your State at Electoral Roll Checking or Semakan Daftar Pemilik.
You able to check your place for vote, polling stream, time and serial number.
I just know that my place to vote is at SMK Sri Kota, Taiping.