easy make money online: Astro华丽台电视剧大奖2007-part 2

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Astro华丽台电视剧大奖2007-part 2

Recently i just get my ticket for Astro华丽台电视剧大奖2007 with will held at Sunway Convention Center on tonight 8.15pm.
As i know artist from TVB, Hong Kong such as Tse Tin Wah-谢天华, Angela Tong-湯盈盈, Raymond Ron-林峯, Natalis Chan-陈百祥 and Bosco-黃宗澤 will be coming to Astro华丽台电视剧大奖2007 tonight.

Tse Tin Wah-谢天华

Angela Tong-湯盈盈

Raymond Lam-林峯

Natalis Chan-陈百祥