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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

YOUTHSAYS.COM-Young Malaysians, One Voice!

"a community of youths who dedicate valuable time in voicing out their opinions and in return being rewarded for it." by YOUTHSAYS.COM. I just sign up and activate my account on Youthsays.com. Youthsays.com is started by Joel Neoh-Winner of "The Firm"-a Malaysia corporate TV program (previous post) and Khai Lee-Co-founder of TheCICAK.com, Founder of BunchOut.com & Winner of KLUE Blue Chilli Awards. As what i knew about Youthsays.com, it was a new platform for youth in Malaysia to speak out their voice and participate on survey to earn some money. Until now, i just complete one survey which is value for.......RM1.00...and the account mention that only can withdraw or cash out when you reach RM50. So i am wonder when can i get my first cheque from Youthsays.com?
The site provide some platform for youth to speak out as currently there was three topic with is Politics, Youth Survey Idea Bank: We want your brains! and Hello there! Welcome to YouthSays.
So just come and join if you think that you are youth!!!