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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Footsteps of Paul Christian Cruise

Paul Christian Cruises - a five start and five diamond Mediterranean cruise will start from 18 July 2008 until 26 July 2008.
Bob Cornuke and other amazing teachers on a Bible based Christian cruise in July, 2008 (summer). With ship on below, the journey of Footsteps of Paul Christian started. More detail on ship's amenities.

This Christian cruise is on an authentic sailing vessel with all the activities and amenities found on a private yacht. The group will enjoy the privacy of their own Christ-centered family itinerary and teachings. They will start at Athens and Mars Hill, move on Pergamum – an important 7 churches site and then on to Ephesus where Paul delivered one of his most moving sermons. Paul Christian with another name Pablo Christiani on wikipedia and Tall Sail Christian Cruise Adventure Itinerary here.