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Monday, April 7, 2008

1000Mbps broadband service! 1000Mbps上網服務!

Last few days, i have read on Hong Kong magazine- CEO know that Hong Kong broadband already come out more faster broadband speed on last year. 1000Mbps with HKD1,680 per month and HKD6,828 one time service charge. For Singapore broadband company- Starhub, they provide up to 100Mbps download speed with SGD124.12 monthly subscription fees.
But for Malaysian broadband company- Streamnyx, only able to provide up to 4Mbps download speed with just RM268 monthly payment.
Oh my god, with exchange currency, i able to use 100Mbps broadband service in Singapore with RM268 and 100Mbps in Hong Kong with RM134 only...but in Malaysia i only can use 4Mbpm for RM268....wah....same chinese people different cost living...

Hong Kong broadband package

Singapore broadband package

Malaysia broadband package