easy make money online: The World's Youngest Billionaires - Facebook founder - Mark Zuckerberg

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The World's Youngest Billionaires - Facebook founder - Mark Zuckerberg

On 05.03.2008, Forbes.com has announced The World's 1125 billionaires on the earth. Isn`t that this news already not fresh and its already after two weeks? Yeah, it is. Few days ago, i have been blog about Malaysia Internet Entrepreneur and they make money by blogging, selling ebook and online business. Today, The World`s 1125 billionaires have generated their income more than billionaires and some of them is doing online business as well.
One of the most youngest billionaire who have USD1.5billion - Mark Zuckerberg- founder of Facebook. He was generate his income by running a social networking site Facebook. Nowadays have more than 66 million active user using his social networking site for link your friends together, find your old school friends, sharing photos, set an event time table, plays games, and 'poke' your friends. From Wikipedia, you able to know more about him and from TIME, Mark Zuckerberg has talk more about future of Facebook.
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Below is "Facebook on 60 Minutes" youtube video.

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