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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

AtList.org Transparent Business Directory

As yesterday, i have blog about Gobala Krishnan, Michael Woo, Irfan Khairi and Labanon. They all are some of Malaysian rich blogger. Beside them, there was other malaysian blogger that also make a lot of money by blogging and selling ad on their website. Such as LiewCF, Hong Kiat, Chan Li Lian and others i didnt mention here. Today, in cyber world, a lot of business can start with just a laptop and internet connection(must have keyboard and mouse lah). There was plenty of business directory that you able to find and example Insurance, just type in business directory or google. You able to find millions and millions of service related. Atlist.org is one of the cyber business directory and its provide with transparent interface for businesses to communicate directly with customers and allows users to share their customer experience in a trusted referral environment.
So just come and do more reading and research on easy make money online or build your own business online with seriouly. Probably you able to make a million in the future.