easy make money online: New Ferrari F430

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Ferrari F430

Recently have receive an email from friends about new Ferrari F430 photos. Its was brand new Ferrari car with 4300cc, V8 engine and 490 horse power. Beside F430 was the cheapest Ferrari car in the market. F430 cost around $173,079 - $201,213. If we convert it to Ringgit Malaysia, it will be $173,079 x 3.20 = RM553,852.80.
Wah so cheap ah, just RM560,000 can buy a Ferrari car ah...No, actually this price is without Malaysia car tax.

A brand new 2006 BMW 760Li Sedan- retail price is $118,900 and when convert to Ringgit Malaysia. It will be RM380,480. But as you can see on autoworld, the price of BMW 760Li has increase become RM1,148,000.00. Oh my god, its nearly 3.017 times of retail price online.

So if you wish to buy a new Ferrari F430 in Malaysia, i think you need to have RM1,670,973.90 in your `Maybank account`.
As i check on China car market, Ferrari F430 is sold for RMB 3,130,000.
For people who can`t afford like me, only a way to enjoy the car is by below video...

F430 TV Test - Amazing videos are here