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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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How Can IT Certification From Cisco Change Your Life?
Cisco certification-The widely respected IT certification programs available through Cisco Career Certifications. Cisco bring you most valuable, measurable rewards to network professionals, their managers, and the organizations that employ them.

In Cisco, there divide into few certifications such as below table:

There were few certification paths such as Routing & Switching, Design, Security, Service Provider, Storage Networking, Voice and Wireless. There separate with four level likes Entry level, Associate level, Professional level and Expert level.

You need to pass some score instead to get your certification. Since 20 century, IT field has become a new entrepreneur platform for those young guys who wish to become billionaire when they was young. Microsoft CEO, Google CEO and Facebook CEO also earn a lot of money when they age haven reach 30 yet. IT field, the only ways that can make a people with fastest way to become rich and richer.

Nowadays, a lot of thing has been change due to IT century coming.People do not need to find information by reading books or newspaper. Just with simple click, everything is one your screen. And with few press, you able to sit at sofa and relax for your whole day left.

Due to IT field is growing fast. IT people will require more and more.
Recently, i join consulting firm and know that you need some knowledge in IT or some experience, you may request more salary than you though.
In IT field, certification also will bring you a bright future or step in multi international working platform easily.

You all are feeling free to share on how was cisco certification? It is worth to take certification? What obstacle that you might face when taking certification?

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