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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Search Makerting Website- discountclick

Just found a website that provide searching and marketing solution for company or business owner. Discountclick, their provide search engine marketing and promotion services, list management and banner ad serving.
Seen Philips Lighting, JK Design and few others well known online company been Discountclick customer. I believe that Discountclick able to serve big customer with their professional and expert.
Search engine marketing can make a low budget online company or company website able to market theirselve in online world with competitive keyword, optimizing meta tags, keyword ranking report, increase ranking in search engine and others marketing tools.
List management will let system take care of company email, report and add on reciprocal link to company website.
Discountclick also provide banner ad that deliver company ads to worldwide, ad tracking and report and ad banner design service.
And all this service is provide with low cost compare with others online marketing company by Discouneclick.