easy make money online: back to malaysia...

Friday, November 9, 2007

back to malaysia...

Just back to malaysia from bangkok on tuesday. Until now only have time to sit down relax and write blog.
i have been go to bangkok for five days.
My girlfren dandan and i was very enjoy ourselve over bangkok and try to experience life and culture for bangkok people.
We have been take their public bus, boat, lrt, eat bangkok food, drink bangkok water, and even pray bangkok god. At least but not last speak thailand.
It was wonderfull trip and all trip just spent around RM1500. Its include four nights, air ticket, transportation, food, drink, souvenior, travel package and even though a china tv mobile handphone.

As i have took some picture and i will sharing my trip to bangkok in my blog.
But for photo upload need to wait for few days, as my dandan say she want to touch up some photo than let me to upload.

Isnt that original is better?