easy make money online: Hurray...receive first payment from SupportingFriends.com

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hurray...receive first payment from SupportingFriends.com

Supporting Friends.com is a brand new search engine tools that you can do searching and earn money.
It has been developed as a way of raising funds for those who need your support, simply from you searching the internet.

By setting up a SupportingFriends.com account and searching the internet in your normal day-to-day way, you will raise money for the cause of your choice through a share of YAHOO!' revenue that is generated from your search box, which we then pass onto the cause on your behalf.

Once your account is set up you can either choose a cause from our directory to receive the money raised through your search box, or look for a cause near you. If you already have a cause in mind that isn’t in our directory let us know who it is and we can arrange for them to receive your funds. You don’t need to be an online expert to use SupportingFriends.com as there are step-by-step instructions on how to set up your account, so why wait? Start benefiting others from your internet searching today.

After joining until today, i have receive first payment by SupportingFriends.com in my paypal account.

Easy steps to easy make money online:
1. Go to your personal search link. (you will get it once you register account)
2. Do your normal searching like what you did everyday in google...easy lah
3. The system will calculate base on your searching times and convert to £ (pound)...so good ah
4. The payment will auto get in your paypal or others payment method. (terms & condition)...haha

It is simple? Do register now at SupportingFriends.com now.


Geogy said...

Hmm... sounds good enough. Is is after we signed in then we can search the web through the search box on you right up there?

宇宙中不为人知的心灵空间 said...


Anonymous said...

















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