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Monday, June 15, 2009

Cancer Caused by Asbestos Exposure

Mesothelioma-what is it? It is a cancer that always caused by exposure to asbestos.
Asbestos-is a naturally occurring silicate mineral with long, thin fibrous crystals.
Mesothelioma affect a lot of people in united state and it will bring a lot of risk to that person.
Mesothelioma is not easy to detect in the first level due to there was not with symptoms. As like cancer, the patient would not realize that he or him actually have cancer on him or her body, unless until serious stage. Therefore, he or she will feel painful on particular side. Later when they go on body checking and found that it was cancer.
Most people get mesothelioma is due to have been exposed to asbestos dust and fiber.
Even though washing clothes of a family member who worked with asbestos can also put a person at risk for developing mesothelioma.
So need to check up every year once to secure that you are aware from mesothelioma.

If you or your family has been diagnosed with mesothelioma you have the rights that entitle you to compensation from employers, manufacturers or others responsible for causing asbestos exposure. Depending on the unique circumstances of each case, victims and their families may be eligible to collect restitution for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages and other losses.

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