easy make money online: Cherry Blossom in Malaysia!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cherry Blossom in Malaysia!!!

Cherry Blossom - Sakura (Japanese kanji : 桜 or 櫻; hiragana: さくら) is the Japanese name for cherry trees, and their blossoms. In English, the word "sakura" is equivalent to the Japanese flowering cherry,[1] and their blossoms are commonly called cherry blossoms. Cherry fruit (known in Japanese as sakuranbo) comes from another species of tree.

Since when, cherry blossom become famous in Japan and world wide that make tourism in Japan be a "Must Visit" place.

If Malaysia also have cherry blossom to visit and take photo...will be another tourism place for visitors???

Photo of Cherry Blossom took in Malaysia...
U may guess where is the location...

Some of you may know where is it...PISA, Penang.
These photo been took nearby some where around PISA, Penang.
Just look for it after working hour (if you are penang people)