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Friday, October 3, 2008

LookupWho.com-free people search engine

Social Networking is very well known in the world. Previously Friendster and Myspace is very hot and famous in America, Asia, Europe and others state. Its help people to get connected with easily.
Today, Facebook make more people crazy on it and help more people to find their relatives, friends, colleague, ex schoolmate, ex university mate and others people that just get to know once time to be connected and keep in touch.

Now, there was new free people search engine-LookupWho.com on the web market. This people search engine enable to search or find your relatives, friends, schoolmate, university mate with just key in their first name, last name, which city they stay and which state they in to find their address and phone number easily.
Beside, you able to search who is own this phone number with "Reserve Phone" searching tools.
This service is free unlike others company that need to pay for service charges.
Come to get more close with your friend here.

*Only applicable on United States and Canada people search