easy make money online: ultimate-advertising online click, read, join and earn money....

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ultimate-advertising online click, read, join and earn money....

i have been try this website Ultimate Advertising to make money online for more than one month...this website is a click, read and join to earn USD....
below is few step to earn money from Ultimate Advertising....
1. register ur name, detail and paypal account in Ultimate Advertising
2. receive confirmation email to activate ur account
3. go to Ultimate Advertising to login using ur register user name
4. go to earning area to earn USD. There have 3 category to earn money such as click links, read ads and paid to signup
5. just click on every category and click on their link available with different amount to earn. Some link is USD0.02, USD0.04, USD0.06 and USD0.10
6. just do it same way day by day until ur account reach USD50.
7. withdraw to ur paypal account.
8. wait paypal account receive money and transfer money for paypal to VMI Card or Public Bank Debit Card.
9. continue every month as extra pocket money
10. good luck and good click

register link Ultimate Advertising

above i attach my current earning amount on 09.10.2007-9pm
i will update tomorrow 8pm for my earning amnount
to be continue...