easy make money online: Withdraw money from Paypal by VMI card

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Withdraw money from Paypal by VMI card

Good news to paypal malaysia user....a new debit card that can withdraw money from paypal have come to malaysia...
previously, if a paypal user need to withdraw money, they must open an us bank account or sell paypal money to others that need it...
now, a new debit card call VMI cards have come been bring into malaysia by Matt Ng...
He sell VMI card for only $30 or RM105...

If interest please follow below order info:
Order Info:
Please mail to VirtualMoneyAsia@gmail.com with the following
details below.Please submit your "REAL" details and if you ALREADY
have a PayPal account, please submit the SAME details as you gave
to PayPal. DO NOT give different details as PayPal will ban you if
you give them different details that is not the same when you sign
· First Name
· Last Name
· Birth Date
· Government ID number (Identification Card Number or Passport
· Telephone
· Address
· City
· State
· Zip
· Country
· E-mail(give your paypal mail if you already got a paypal account)

Once Matt Ng received 50 sign-ups, I will mail the payment details to
you. And once the payment is received, I will "postlaju" the cards
out on Friday(17/08) and you will receive it within 1 to 7 working
days. The manual(version 1.0) will be mailed to you too and you
MUST follow the instructions clearly.